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Data Entry Service

Data Entry Service

Data Entry.

Data management is a critical task for an organization. Precise and accurate data directly impact the company's decision making .every company has large and small data entry work every day. This work is called a transaction. This transaction may be financial, production and sales.

Inforadient technologies is a leader in data entry outsourcing services and it also supporting globally across Canada, France, UK, the US, Germany, and others. We are guaranteeing 99% accuracy in our data entry services. With the help of our data entry team, our service becomes most cost-saving and makes our services more affordable. We have automated data entry services.OCR and ICR technology is part of data entry services. We are handling 270 million documents in a year.

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Great emphasis on quality and accuracy

To provide the best service to our client we use best in class OCR (optical character recognition) and ICR (intelligent character recognition) they can convert the million of handwritten or machine printed data into the electronic format. It increases the chances of extracted data and also improves the productivity of the process.

Quality assurance is the main purpose of the process and also an emphasis on the accuracy of data. Our professional team perform quality checks and implement double data entry and get the maximum accuracy of data. Inforadient technologies provides 99% of accuracy level in data entry solutions. We invest heavily to provide training to our professionals and ensure that our company remains one of the top trusted data entry companies in the world. We are ISO 9001 certified company. We are committed to improving our validation and quality control which give the highest quality control output.

Advantage of the data entry services:

  • Core capability: outsourcing helps the personnel and gives them time for critical project
  • Focus on better talent: we focus on highly invest in the training of the professional to get accurate results.
  • Latest technology: by partnering with Inforadient technologies in data entry services you got the latest technology.
  • Minimize cost and risk: outsourcing with our company you save the cost invest in the technology and trained human resources and also reduce the risk of obsolescence.

The benefit of choosing Outsourcing2india Company

  • Skilled professional: our profession is not only accurate and fast but also understanding the different industries. We have a certified team of professionals.
  • Advanced technology: OCR and ICR technology are used to recognize text and digitalization and scan the document.
  • Connectivity: connectivity play important role in data entry services. We are here to serve our client and seamless flow of data 24/7
  • High-quality services: quality assurance team also works with us which perform the task and operate the data which meets the expected quality of the client.
  • Data security: at outsourcing2india only professional personnel have access file of your. We use FTP and VPN for file transfer for the security of the data. One more thing we maintain a backup of files for easy retrieval in case of any data loss.

We help the business to achieve its accelerated growth and also provide client end-to-end, result-oriented solutions.


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