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Call & Chat Support

Call & Chat Support

Call & Chat Support.

Do you want to give services to your customer with personalized support and real-time convince the customer? Are you wanted to save marketing expenditure and increase sales and want to build up a long-term relationship with your users? Then it's time to imply chat support for your business.

Outsource the live chat support services which will give you a specific amount of time to focus on your core activities and also decrease the cost. Ingredients technologies are a leading company in its services which offer you cost effective online chat support services to the customer and also personalized services for technical and nontechnical product and services.

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Live chat support:

this live chat supports the companies to create a link between customers inviting the customer online and provide support for the product and services of the company. This provides a two-way communication system and acts as a customer support tool and also marketing ads. This helps to convert the browsers into buyers provides them marketing support. If you take the live phone support it needs heavy investment and high operating cost. Live chat support is cost-effective and also has an affordable price structure.

How does live chat support works?

It is pre-configured, easy to install, and need not require additional modules. In any modern browser, where the visitor of your website needs the assistance of any kind! Only they have to click on the button click to chat this option is placed on your website. This is a live chat section for customer care executives. They will provide a real-time answer to the customer's queries.

Why live chat services?

If you install live chat services to the customer it gives you several benefits let’s see these benefits

  • This helps the customer to complete an order through text chats
  • For website visitors, it provides real-time assistance.
  • Through cross-selling products its opportunity to the instant sales
  • Help to increase customer loyalty by giving the answer queries in real-time
  • Help to collect real-time data about website traffic

The benefit of choosing Outsourcing2india Company

  • Skilled professional: our profession is not only accurate and fast but also understanding the different industries. We have a certified team of professionals.
  • Advanced technology: OCR and ICR technology are used to recognize text and digitalization and scan the document.
  • Connectivity: connectivity play important role in data entry services. We are here to serve our client and seamless flow of data 24/7
  • High-quality services: quality assurance team also works with us which perform the task and operate the data which meets the expected quality of the client.
  • Data security: at outsourcing2india only professional personnel have access file of your. We use FTP and VPN for file transfer for the security of the data. One more thing we maintain a backup of files for easy retrieval in case of any data loss.

What makes Inforadient Technologies live chat support services more effective?

ver a decade of experience, it provides outsourcing solution to the client around the world. This live chat provides customer care and is also helpful in the profit of the business Cost-effective pricing: single-operator and multi-operator accounts have tailor-made structures. We also provide discounts on medium and small size businesses. Confidential data: we are ISO27001:2013 ISMS certified company that ensures confidential data as legal, financial, customers, etc. Customize chat support: we have a dedicated project manager when you outsource with us. Single contact helps you with queries and also keeps you updated about the project. Website Monitoring and traffic analysis: subscribing to the inforadients technologies online chat support solution to get to know about your website visitors. It provides real-time monitoring results in a live chat operator. It also provides knowledge about the traffic of your website which helps to plan effective sales and marketing strategies..


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